Jhapa on my Mind

The Book Bus team partnered with KU Art+Design and collaborated with Dehi Arts from Jhapa as a local partner to create a large scale mural at Kakarvitta Bus Park.

Lead Artist: Jhapa on my Mind

Organised by: BookBus / Quixote’s Cove
Local Arts Coordinator: Tseten Sherpa, Dehi Arts
Assisting Artists: Bharat Rai, Binod Rajbansi, Bishnu Limbu, Dinesh Sinkhwal, Pinky Shrestha, Priyanka Singh, Reena Rai, Sabin Sunuwar, Sagar Magar, Sarad Raut, Shreeti Prajapati and Dehi Arts Team

PechaKucha Night Kathmandu

PechaKucha 20×20 is a presentation format of 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and one talks along to the images. Devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture, Sujan Chitrakar is the city organiser of PechaKucha Night Kathmandu along with his illustrator friend Chris Haughton and Bhushan Shilpakar.

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Photo Kathmandu

Photo Kathmandu, Nepal’s only international photography festival, is a bi-annual event. The next edition is planned for the fall of 2018 – exact dates will be announced in the next couple of months.
Curatorial Team – Photo Kathmandu 2015 / 2016


The exhibition designed by Sujan Chitrakar, Dristikon is the debut solo of artist/poet Narendra Bahadur Shrestha who has created the artworks from driftwood for the past thirty years. The artist illustrates diverse aspects of human life and the surroundings through his semi-figurative forms.

Exhibition Designer: Distrikon

Rainbow City

James Burns, staff artist of Philadelphia Mural Arts, and Sujan Chitrakar were lead artists for Rainbow City Mural. Organised by Quixote’s Cove and sponsored by American Embassy at Kathmandu.
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Book Bus in Gorkha

In April 2015, during the earthquake that forever changed our present and futures, the Book Bus was in Gorkha – the epicenter of the earthquake. The Book Bus arrived in Gorkha, a year after, with what had anchored the sanity in those terrifying hours and days and what had given hope to the children and, in turn, their community: it brought art. The art events was curated by Sujan Chitrakar and the participating artists were Pratima Thakali, Martin Travers, Suresh Maharjan, Sudeep Balla, Niti Shrestha, Shreeti Prajapati, Raul Tidor and Nepal Picture Library.

Arts Coordinator: Book Bus in Gorkha

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Birendra Pratap Singh

Birendra Pratap Singh (b.1955) belongs to that generation of artists who studied abroad to come back home with their newfound skills of art practices to embed with the local fabrics. The initiator of Shrijana Art Gallery (1986), he remained one of the most active artists of his generation.
Curator – Birendra Pratap Singh – A Retrospective, 2015
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Mural Arts Program

Rise and Shine
The North Philadelphia Beacon Project

Created by James Burns as part of the three year Porch Light Initiative in collaboration with Sobriety Through Out-Patient (S.T.O.P.), the mural The North Philadelphia Beacon Project reflects the creativity and effort of hundreds of community members, S.T.O.P. staff and service recipients, volunteers, and artist James Burns.

Fulbright Fellow Artist / Assisting Artist to James Burns, staff artist with Mural Arts Program



Kathmandu International Art Festival KIAF, now succeeded as Kathmandu Triennale, was the first of its kind art festival in Nepal – exhibiting works of more than 30 countries in each edition.
Co-curator – Separating Myth from Reality 2009
Creative and Logistics Consultant – Earth | Body | Mind 2012
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